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Be in the shape of your life! Some of the fittest celebrities (male and female) are using martial arts in their workout routines. It is proven to be an effective way to get you in shape and help you lose weight.

For Everyone

Training can be offered as non-contact or contact, therefore it is encouraging for all experience levels. Not only will you get a phenomenal workout but also the skills you need to defend yourself.


For those serious about pursuing the next degree of training, you can participate in professional fighting events under guidance of Coach Pena, who has 25 years experience training amateur and professional boxers.


Safety is very important to THRIVE. You will learn at a safe pace, and we will teach you the proper form and technique from the beginning as we would teach any professional fighter. Our aim is to make You a better You!

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Julio Peña's THRIVE Boxing & Martial Arts Gym
Do you thrive?

THRIVE is a boxing and martial arts gym located in Londonderry, NH. We offer programs for everyone — kids, teenagers, adults, parents, grandparents, beginners, advanced, non-competitors, competitors, amateurs, professionals, MMA fighters, etc. Participants will train like professional fighters, getting into fighter shape.

Classes are offered six days a week at multiple times to fit any schedule. New students try the first week FREE. After the first week, rates are per month and include UNLIMITED training, you can attend as often as you wish, whenever you wish.

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Julio Peña

Owner and professional boxing trainer
Coach Julio Peña is a professional boxing trainer who has 25 years experience training amateur and professional boxers.

Jonathan Sola

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Coach
Jonathan Sola is an energetic and highly motivated coach, and practitioner of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ). He has over 10 years experience in the grappling arts.


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